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DANCING VACATION with Julius: HVAR island Croatia
Dancing or not - even with your family would be great holiday in this special island - come with us!
2019. jún. 18. 12:00 – 2019. jún. 28. 16:00


in these days are the most important to learn to feel and to sense in the Here and Now! The best way to learn is through movements with sounds! In my few hours Play-shops we could learn easier with lots of dance, playful exercises and some instrument of Sound Healing.

Holistically effecting (Body-Mind-Soul-Spirit), creative movements.
Some parts are guided and you still have your freedom to get through each and every moment of your feeling and senses to get the best out of it!

Always notice your signs of your body, then move so freely with pleasure and joy!
Suggested for all ages (Male/Female), everybody would come to these team-plays even if never danced before.

You should wear  a dress or close what you're feeling comfortable! I personally using not really an everyday closes (they're made specially for me to dance) - also to make the class more special! You could using extra tissue, scarf, skirt, whatever to feel even more free and special!

Would be great to dancing bear foot!

DoYoMa: Do Your Magic (to see your life as you wish)

Sound Healing:

Already in the ancient time theye knew, the healing power of the sound. In these sound healing therapies we are using mostly Far-East instruments. The Chao Gong (1m) mostly guiding us through multi-universes, Though the Wind Gong (1m) mostly effecting our physical body. Other then the 2 big gong could be used: Cristal-piramis, Bowl, Cristal-bowl, Samsula, Didgeridu, rain and sea, Doromb, Drum, Kosi ...

Side effect:  all what we're experiencing in the doyoma classes in a safe space, we could take it and using it in our whole Life!  At the end of each class all of us going into The Life with freshness, pleasure and new conciseness.

I feel good on my Spirit way - My Soul is smiling and feeling home in my Body!