Julius the Helper

I was doing massaging since I was 17. I always felt some more capabilities in me as only a masseur (I born as a natural healer). I used them automatically (for example gymnasts / sport-mans are had no pain after I massaged them). Later on when I was travelling around the world  I had a possibility to learn and experiencing the most out of massage and healing technics to understanding what why and how am I treat as I do.

My Individual Treatments (click here for more) :

• massage

• psychology, para-psychology

• sound-healing

• clearvoyant  (true path)

• shamanic work realising

• space-, place- and chakra-cleaning

• fast-repairing of broken bone or stretched muscle

• rehabilitation from accident or sickness

• about having child

and also teaching all of these

There is always a solution - you should bring only your intent to be healthy and healed! Then we'll manifesting your wish together!

I already helped in cases as:

• fast healing of breaking bones or stretched/pulled muscle

• releasing sicknesses as depression, panic, cancer, mioma, tumor and autoimmune  

• resulting relationship problems

• couples can’t have child

• sexual orgasm problems 

• pregnancy problem

• recovering after accident

• eye-vision problem, using your third-eye

• using special abilities

• releasing

• finding your path

Julius as an Acro-teacher

My name is: Julius, Gyula Székely. I begun with music (6 years playing cello) and competing sports when I was 5 years old. Mainly I was a Gymnast in the National Gymnastic Team, Artist, Acrobatic-Dancer. As a Fitness Personal Trainer and as an Aerobic Instructor (including Yoga; Pilates; BodyArt, Dance) already in 1995 in Miami I started to teach. 

The Hungarian teaching experience I had in 1998 with Tae-Bo what I learned from Billy Blanks.

I did a big surprise Fitness Routine (named TARZAN) when I appaired in the California Fitness competition in the year of 2000.

I was teaching in my own Fitness for 4 years Kids and Adults: FIt-Kid; Capoeira; Aerobics; Yoga; Ener-Ju, Nia dance.

Presently I teach and heal group activities (see: Events) :


• Handstand workshop

• Moving and dancing playshop

• Sound-healing

• Interactive talk and exercise

• Analising Films

• Programs together as Games (pls Identity), Excursions


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  • Julius YouTube channel